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12 Movies You Never Realized Were Super Inappropriate As A Kid

12 Movies You Never Realized Were Super Inappropriate As A Kid


12 Movies You Never Realized Were Super Inappropriate As A Kid | Spastic Bastard

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This is one of those quips that makes little sense if you're a kid and way too much sense as an adult.

Yep, that's a reference to two teenagers achieving climax through intercourse, in a direct-to-video Disney cartoon. You know, it makes a surprising amount ...

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1. This little accident:

Psychology Today

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"One of my fave songs as a kid. Turns out he's singing about

He's bound for the University of Miami before landing ...

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A great parenting tip for how to calm down a crying child

7. This homage to Dr Phil from The Fairly OddParents:

superman's cgi mouth henry cavill justice league 11

Never Go With Strangers

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Hercules was hella smart, tbh.

#19 Beauty and the Beast

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